What role do you want to play?

Campaign Roles 

Voter Registration Volunteers: 

  • AT EVENTS: Attend community events to register voters
; Engage with a diverse group of young people
; Walkthrough voter registration documents with new registrants
; Ensure new voters complete documentation correctly
; and return all paperwork and records to Event Captain

  • CANVASSING: Join in door-to-door efforts to register voters and encourage folks to be civically engaged. Scripts, registration materials and maps are provided in advance of the scheduled shift. Volunteers should commit to at least a 2-hour shift on one of the suggested dates. All volunteers should wear their IGNITE shirt to show support. Voter registration is a non-partisan effort and candidate or policy pitches are not allowed.

Event Captains will:

  • AT EVENTS: Lead a group of first-time or veteran volunteers
; communicate with volunteers before, during and after the event
; maintain records about event voter registration numbers
; and communicate with IGNITE HQ on event experience

  • CANVASSING: Serve as team leads for door-to-door voter registration drives; lead neighborhood walks, “cut turf” and recruit volunteers to join the efforts; customizing their script, dispensing materials to volunteers, reporting registration numbers to IGNITE and submitting voter registration cards to the appropriate office by the deadline.